ZzzMask gently attaches your head to your seat so your neck stays straight while you sleep.

It's comfortable, lightweight, and has padding in all the right places to keep your eyes pressure free. There are two pieces, a thin strap that tightens around your headrest above the entertainment screen behind you, and a mask with small velcro strips on either side that attach to the strap, effectively attaching your head to the seat. You can play with where exactly you want them to attach for optimal comfort.

Light & Compact

Built with the ultimate globetrotter in mind, it weighs almost nothing (3.5oz) and comes in a handy draw string pouch that is small enough to fit almost anywhere. In our backpacks where every sock matters, the zzzMask is a welcome addition.


Molded foam on the inside of the mask keeps your face comfortable and your eyes pressure free. The strap splits in the back in the same fashion as a swimmers goggles to keep the mask from moving while you snooze.


Yes, you are going to attach your head to your seat, but it is designed with just enough velcro to let you out again with any sudden foreceful movements.

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It's been designed, tweaked, stressed, packed, tested, and redesigned. We love it, and we're ready to share it with you.

We love traveling. There's nothing quite so invigorating as setting foot in an airport with the sure knowledge that in less than a day we will be a good long ways away from where we started. Exploring a new place, probably trying to figure out how to get to a hotel after being up for a day and a half while the cab driver smiles, nods, and charges you a triple. The ding of the seatbelt sign, the crinkle of individually wrapped we-think-it's-chicken airplane meals and the various smells that waft through a pressurized cabin. It's exciting, but could it be better?

A little over a year ago, one such traveler tried to fall asleep on a coach flight from India to Portland. After the same frustrating positions we've all tried, he gave up and tied a blanket around his head and the head rest behind him to keep his head from moving when he dozed off. A few hours later, he woke up totally refreshed with a straight neck. It was so good, it was worth sharing. Enter the ZzzMask, small enough to fit into just about any pocket you can find, but provides support in all the right places for a great sleep with a straight neck. The concept is quite simple, and the solution is elegant. It's a reinforced, supercharged, velcroed and elasticized sleep mask that will gently hold your head in place when you'd like to rest the muscles in your neck.