Say goodbye to the sleepless nights! Whether you are suffering from insomnia or are a traveler or just having a noise partner this is a great tool to have! Sleepie is a ultra-soft eye mask with wireless headphones giving you everything for the needed sleep.


Sleepie eye mask allows you to listen music without wearing additional headphones and earplugs, which make you fall asleep faster.


Built-in microphone design to enable you to listen to your music hands-free. Both speakers can be removed, so it's easy to wash. Adjust volume, or skip/stop music by using the buttons on your mask.


Powered by a rechargeable 240mAH high-performance lithium battery, Fully charged after 2 hours, and can last up to 8 hours .


2 hours of charged easily last for 8 hours for the best sleep


Made of breathable memory sponge , which can let you release your facial stress


High-level noise cancelling, which let you sleep whenever yoou want

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Wearing this sleep headphones eye mask, insomnia will disappear as you allow your natural melatonin to flow and drift to sleep. With a total block-out design, this eye mask is perfect for relaxation, travel, yoga, noontime nap, audio books, AMSR, meditation, kids' bedtime reading.

Technical information:
Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Polyester
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: Rechargeable


I have trouble sleeping at night without some white noise going on in the background, and my husband has trouble sleeping with it on. With this product I get the white noise that helps me sleep without bothering my husband. The material is soft and breathable.


Dani M.

This is such an outstanding product that I have purchased for family members and to replace two that I wore out. I have had trouble falling asleep but I find this works so well for me. I play books on my Iphone using the sleep timer and that combined with the sleep mask helps me fall asleep.


Lacey J.

My partner snores. These headphones have solved the problem. I’ve always worn an eye mask so wearing this was an easy transition. The mask is comfortable and I have the opportunity to place the small speakers in the exact location. Also, they go silent when my alarm goes off. Highly recommend!


Rhonda P.

Great product! I have tried other masks and they are too flimsy and small. This mask is wide, plush, soft, it has a pad for your nose area that helps block light out. On top of using it for my migraines the speakers are such a plus because my husband snores and that keeps me awake and that's not fun.


Minda S.

I was looking for a headphone band that allowed me to listen to ASMR and fall sleep. The ones I have tried are not comfortable enough or have really bad sound. This one works great! It's big enough to accommodate different needs, the sound quality is actually pretty good for the price and it does not bother me at all while I sleep.


Alan B.

I absolutely love this product! Normally I fall asleep with headphone, or rather my air pods. But they always fall out or I risk strangulation. Not only this mask is soft and comfortable, but the sound quality is amazing!

I love that the little earphones can be moved around to fit my face. I will definitely be buying another one for my husband!


Cristina A.